Shelter is like protection well it actually is because shelter is where Micah, Laura, and I need to save safe in order to stay alive.┬áSo either Micah , Laura, or me once one of us are done building our shelter were going to go and look for food and water because all 3 of us are gonna need it to survive in the desert .┬áTraveling during the day will expose you to the sun. This will increase your body temperature and as a result, you will sweat more, resulting in a loss of hydration. Make sure to only travel during sunset, at night, and in the early morning.If you don’t have a compass and there is no chance of rescue, then the only possible solution is to walk out of the desert. Since the desert is so expansive, you may run the risk of walking in circles. While walking, be sure to use the sun as an indicator of west and east. Use distant landmarks ( rock formations, cliffs) to use as a reference guide. Use a distant landmark behind you, that you are walking away from, as further confirmation that you are heading in a straight direction. Make sure you don’t run into any poisonous reptiles because you don’t have the stuff to cure it and save it because you are not surviving right and you’ll die in seconds because of the poison and venom in your veins.


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