Sources of Life

1. Collect drinking water.
2. Find shelter during the day.
3. Wait to see if rescure arrives.
4. Travel at night in one direction until you reach civilization.
5. Find a source of food.

When surviving in the Death Valley Desert your gonna need some supplies to survive and your gonna need steps in order to survive and know what you are doing because you need to know what you are doing and you need to stay alive until some people come for you  Step 1: Dig a hole in the sand or dirt that is deep and wide enough to hold your container.
Step 2: Place the container in the center of the hole.
Step 3: Fill the gaps surrounding the container with anything wet, such as cacti, plants, or even urine.
Step 4: Place your plastic sheet over the hole.
Step 5: Anchor the sheet in place with larger rocks around the edges of the hole.
Step 6: Place a small rock in the center of the plastic, just over the container.
Step 7: Condensation will occur on the underside of the plastic and run down to the center. It will drip into the container filling it with distilled drinking water.


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